B2C communication will be fully automated in the future. We help you embrace this trend.

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We use Voice AI to

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Allow humans to interact with AI freely in any languages, for any purposes.


Help businesses automate calling procedures with much lower cost.

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Free employees from repetitive & boring tasks and focus on creative work.

Why us

Best in the market

In the ever-changing competitive market, our solution has always been the best choice made by our existing clients, when they compare solutions from alternatives.

AI veteran as we are

Our team has the experience of speech and language AI for over a decade, having served hundreds of millions of users speaking in 250 different languages.

Trusted by industries

We have over 200 clients in Southeast Asia, India and other major parts of the world, covering verticals including finance, high-tech, and other industries.

Data protection

To ensure our clients’ data security our top priority, we have dedicated data-protection module for masking sensitive data in integration. In addition, we also provide SIP-level phone number rotation and other security measures.

Who are we

A team consists of 50+ seasoned AI technicians , SaaS experts and AI product managers.

We are equipped with

We believe

We are dedicated to

Meet the Management Team

Teng Ren

CEO in charge of the AI Team. Co-founder of CooTek, over 10 years in AI and NLP.

Kun Wu

COO in charge of the Revenue Team. Former Head of AI Lab of CooTek, over 10 years in AI and NLP.

Tony Chen

Executive Director in charge of the R&D and Operations Team. 15 years' experience in enterprise solutions in multi-national corporations.